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Catch-22 - Joseph Heller Never read a book more hilarious and serious than this and it can't be characterized as Black comedy.
If you find the above sentence contradictory wait till you read the book...

The books tells about the chaos of war in a very unusual way.

I have heard people saying they couldn't finish the book because they couldn't make out any sense after reading first few pages. Well people this book doesn't just tell you the story about war it transports you into it and when you are first time in a unaccustomed situation you couldn't make out anything but gradually things start making sense. If you do what i did just push through first 80 pages or so, you will come to know about it.

We are accustomed to read books which tells story in some kind of order like chronological, characterized by something etc. or the books which explicitly tells you that the events have no order but this book will keep you guessing about it and from my point of view this become frustrating for many readers.

must read